FIBR.CC collects information about customer behavior on the website with the use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file placed on the client computer’s hard drive which track the customer’s behavior. Cookies are used to personalize the customer’s online experience on FIBR.CC. Cookies are reliable files that can execute program code, cannot transmit viruses and cannot be used to gather information about the customer’s internet use on external sites. FIBR.CC does not use cookies to collect or store personal information. The customer may choose not to accept cookies. Most Internet browsers allow you to delete or block cookies and to ask for the customer’s consent before a cookie is stored. Managing cookies is in the web browser’s preferences. Please note that if the customer does not wish to use cookies when visiting FIBR.CC, it may have an impact on the buying experience. FIBR.CC uses cookies to keep the customer’s shopping cart updated and cookies are also required to execute a checkout.

FIBR.CC use cookies for the following general purposes: user functionality, statistics, sales and advertising. The functional cookies are used to ensure that FIBR.CC works as intended, which amongst other things, allows customers to be able to add items to the cart, complete a purchase etc. No personal information is stored and cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. We use Google Analytics to collect web statistics regarding which pages are visited, traffic referrals etc. This information is used to measure and improve the customer experience as well as analyzing up on sales and advertising campaigns.

Privacy Policy – We use general information from you for our financial accounts and various internal statistics.

We do NOT have access to any other information than name, address, mobile and email address from you, when you purchase items from us.

We save your purchase history for two years in order to be able to keep the consumer guarantee for your item, all according to EU consumer laws.

We save sales and logistiscs information for 5 years in our financial accounts as required by government rules.

Should you not wish for us to save information you have given us on the website, please contact us and ask for it to be deleted:

If you have approved our terms and conditions for a specific order, we will keep your information for the two years, as follows consumer protection laws in the EU.